12'x20' Oval Tan Solid Winter Cover, Reinforced Seams - 12 Year Warranty

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Doughboy Supreme Winter Pool Cover with Reinforced Seams
12 Year Warranty

Westwood Pools has 50+ years in the pool business and we are here to help guide you in choosing the right winter cover. When buying a winter pool cover there are a few factors that you should take into consideration before buying:

  • Severity of winters in your location
  • Amount of trees around the pool
  • How long your pool will be closed
  • The age of your pool
  • The quality of your pool


  • For Above Ground Pools
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Tough Durable Polyethylene Cover - Won’t crack, split or tear from the cold!
  • Lightweight – Easier to put on and take off the pool than heavier, bulkier vinyl covers. Takes up less room to store, too!
  • Reinforced seams that last longer! Won’t rip, fray or come apart.
  • Made from the best material with the highest concentration of UV stabilizers to ensure your cover will last for years.
  • Black Algae Prevention Underside
  • Aluminum Locking Winch
  • Aluminum Grommets
  • Coated Braided Steel Cable
  • 4 ft. Overlap