Aquabot Pool Rover Sport Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Recommended for above-ground residential pools.  Will also work in flat bottom inground pools.

Aquabot Pool Rover cleaners offer a hose-free, robotic cleaning. It thoroughly scours every inch of your swimming pool floor. It’s programmed into how they operate! These water-safe, electric pool cleaners also come equipped with an automatic shut off (after 2 hours). Dirt, leaves, debris, bacteria and algae are all collected in the Aquabot Rover’s durable microfilter bag. Take advantage of the time-saving convenience – and robotic cleaning power - that these above-ground pool cleaners can bring to your maintenance plan.


Product/Pool Features:

  • For In-Ground & Above-Ground Pools
  • Works with All Pool Shapes
  • Surfaces: All
  • Profile: Sloped
  • Pool to Wall Transition: Curved


  • Cleans: Pool Floor, Cove and Partial Wall with *Radius (minimum 6")
  • 5400 sq. ft. per hour
  • 2 or 3 hour timer


  • Electrical Requirements: 120VAC/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Dimensions: 21"x 19"x 18"
  • Shipping Weight: 28 lbs
  • Non-Marring Wheels
  • Cable Length: 41'

Water Mixing Capability

  • 70 Gallons per Minute

Filter Type

  • Mesh Bag 
  • Bottom Loading


  • 1 Year, 100%
1 Year, 100%