Hayward H100 Natural Gas Above Ground Pool Heater 100,000 BTU

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This innovative model of above ground pool heater incorporates an induced draft system that constantly moves air through the combustion chamber at a precise flow rate. As a result, all outside weather variables that can affect heating performance, such as wind conditions, are eliminated without having to install additional hardware. No pilot light equals no hassle! Hayward has developed an induced draft heater for above ground pools and spas that combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of operation and superior performance. Featuring an electronic, direct spark ignition system and an energy-efficient FireTile lined combustion chamber, the Hayward heater provides 100,000 BTU input, while delivering 81% thermal efficiency and quick heating. Exceptional innovation & performance, from the leader in pool heating technology. Hayward’s new Induced Draft Above ground Pool Heaters feature an exclusive, patent-pending heat exchanger for constant heat dissipation, state-of-the-art burners for lower emissions, and a hot surface ignition system for instant and reliable starts.

  • For use on outdoor above ground pools only
  • 100,000 BTU Input
  • Black color hides dirt and looks newer longer
  • Can be used on spas but an external bypass above 70 GPM is recommended for this application
  • Electronic, direct-spark ignition for total control and automatic operation
  • Revolutionary induced draft technology ensures optimum heating and all-weather performance, even in high wind situations
  • Reduced emissions design provides environment-friendly heating
  • Plug-in 120 volt electric cord for easy installation
  • FireTile combustion chamber ensures quick heating
  • Jet-ported Eugenox burners provide long life and easy maintenance
  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinet surface temperature ensures worry-free use
  • Water Connections: 1 1/2 x 2