HydroTools Clear Super Aero Vac Weighted Vacuum Head

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Swimline Clear Super Aero-Vac Weighted Vacuum Head

  • Weighted Vacuum Head Design for Easy Vacuuming
  • Accept: 1.25" or 1.5" (3.18 cm or 3.8 cm) Vacuum Hose
  • Versatile Super Design
  • Construction: Durable Corrosion Proof Plastic
  • Brush Bottom: Loosens Sticky Debris from Pool Bottom/Walls
  • Suitable for Above or In-Ground Pool Use
  • Attach to Most All Retrieval Poles
  • See-Thru-Design: 
    Allows Viewing Proper Suction Function 
    See Debris Flow-Thru-Head into Hose 
    More Positive Results, Faster Cleaning
  • Maintain the Pool or Spa Water Quality
  • Keep Spa Water Healthy for Family and Guests