Omega Pool Start-Up Kit 20,000 Gallon

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Omega's 20,000 Gallon Opening Kit comes with all the necessities for getting your swimming pool ready for the summer! Each kit is designed for a specific pool size - Just order a kit that fits your size pool.

Omega's Opening Kit includes Instant Shock Dichloride Shock Treatment, Algaecide 30 to kill and prevent algae, Iron Out Formula II to eliminate and prevent scale and mineral deposits. Omega Opening Kits will make Opening your pool a breeze!

Includes :

  • 1 Qt. Algaecide 30 - Kills and Prevents Algae
  • 1 Qt. Iron Out Formula II - Eliminates and Prevents Scale and Mineral Deposits
  • 3 Lbs. Instant Shock - Dichlor Shock Treatment